The art of home staging

The process of selling a house, in any location can be a stressful business for everybody involved; none more so if you are experiencing problems with attracting the right kind of buyer, offering the right price.
The key to selling any house is maximising the amount of viewings from potential buyers. Viewings will only be booked by those that are encouraged by the property photos they see online. With the majority of the real estate first viewings being featuring online, it is vital that your house looks its best, which, in turn, will attract and entices the potential buyers. If the views are not stacking up or your digital snapshots are not doing the trick, then we recommend the “home staging” process.
Home staging promotes your house to its best-selling ability, maximising the amount of potential buyers interested and has been proven to decrease the time in which the property sells as well as increasing the buying prices.
As the owner of the property you may not understand why you’re much loved home is not sparking interest, however, remember when selling you should be providing the potential buyer with a canvas which will help them envisage their tastes and styles within the space. They will not be interested in buying “your” home from you, they will be interested in purchasing a house which will become “their” home.
This can be achieved by adjusting the layout of your home, naturalising areas in-which would not normally relate to the target market or repairing areas which will show case the full capability of your home. We are not saying you have to redecorate your house from floors to rafters, but what we are saying is make smart, economical investments in adapting your home, which in-turn, will reward you with a suited buyer and the correct price.
For more information on the “home staging” process, and how it can help sell your house please contact our excellent, qualified designer Amanda Green, on the information below.


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