One Day Redesign

Our one-day Re-design service is an inexpensive alternative to interior design.

You may be tired of a room and unsure what to do with it to bring it up to date. This is where a one-day re-design solution can work for you.

We can advise you of the latest colour and trends and source classic or contemporary items of furniture and even organise a painter and decorator on your behalf and project manage the whole job whilst adhering to a strict and agreed budget.

One day Re-design service for your home

Project Management

If you don’t know where to start or find managing changes to your home too overwhelming – let us look after the project for you!

Project management for your home redecoration

We are able to provide a project management service from start to finish, everything from painting and decorating to building renovation.

If you already have a tradesman you wish to muse we can still oversee all the work on your behalf.

Moving in Service

Whether you have just moved in or can’t settle in your new space – we can help!

Maybe you have moved into your new home and can’t quite settle, something is preventing you from relaxing and feeling at home. It could be as simple as furniture placement, use of colours, accessories or a simple redecoration requirement.

Help with moving into your new home

We can assist you even if you have a modest budget. After all, no one wants to spend a fortune when they first move in.

Clutter Clearing & Storage

We can assist with the reduction of objects and paperwork.

In many instances a property can look and feel unloved due to clutter. This can also have an emotional effect on the horder, such as, causing anxiety, depression, restlessness and agitation.

Clutter clearing and storage

Being relieved of all your clutter can give you a lift and a feeling of relief; why hold onto the past?

De-cluttering is not always easy to do by yourself, so we are here to help you! We can assist you with your storage problems, by advising on possible storage solutions that can be added to your home or home-office.

Personal Shopping & Accessorising

If your busy schedule is leaving you short on time to update your space – help is at hand!

If you are happy with your decor but want to bring your home up to date, we can offer an accessorising service, tailor made for you.

We can assist and advise on soft furnishings, lighting and accessories. This is an inexpensive way to update your space.

So of you are wanting to purchase accessories and home furnishings but just can’t spare the time, for a reasonable fee we can provide a shopping service that meets your requirements.

Photo Consultation

If you are a person who values their privacy and the thought of a stranger wondering around your house terrifies you, then how about a photo consultation.

By providing us with photos of the room or rooms you are having difficulty with, we can submit a report detailing the changes you need to apply.

The price of this service is dependant on the number of rooms.